The Ultimate Clean-Up Card

Say No to Scrapers

Scrapers cost 10 to 15 cents to clean each time. How often do you find yourself cleaning a scraper every time you need one? They’re just one more thing to clean. Less time cleaning means more time printing.

Introducing the Ultimate Clean-Up Card

Now there's a disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers that actually works. The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is strong enough to scoop thick ink directly from the bucket and reused later to quickly remove the same ink from the screen and squeegee, resulting in labor savings and less wasted ink.

The Ultimate Clean-Up Card has a number of unique features, most notably the patent pending “Double Bump” corner profile. When the card is bent in half diagonally, the resulting shape effectively cleans scoop-coaters, saving time and costly photo-emulsion. The Ultimate Clean-Up Card not only saves time, it's inexpensive, too (about 2.3 cents each). Plus, it's disposable, conserves ink, is strong, solvent and water resistant, cleans scoop coaters and is made in the U.S.A.

Over Five Million Sold!

More that five million Ultimate Clean-Up Cards have been sold. Make the Ultimate Clean-Up card a part of your operation today.

Buy a box of 1,500 Ultimate Clean Up Cards for $39.95. To place your order with Performance Screen Supply call 800-659-8337 today.

A letter to the industry from Ed Long, Inventor of the Ultimate Cleanup Card108.94 KB