Paper Number Stencils

Screen Preparation: Use 83 Monofilament Polyester screen.. Block out screen so that an opening remains in center of screen as follows:

  • For 4" numbers, 6.5" H x 7" W opening.
  • For 6" numbers, 8.5" H x 9" W opening.
  • For 8" numbers, 10.5" H x 11" W opening.
  • For Single Digit Number use approx. 3" wide paper strips to block out any opening surrounding the stencil. (Try cutting pieces of photocopy paper in half.)

Bob’s Setup Tips

When setting up, align the bottom of a double digit paper number stencil with the bottom of your shirt board. Then clamp a blank 83 mesh screen in your printer. Lower screen over number stencil. Apply a piece of blockout tape across the inside of the screen screen so it overlaps by 1’ the top of the number stencil. Repeat, putting another piece of blockout tape across the bottom of the number stencil. Then put tape overlapping the left and right side of the double digit stencil. You now can tape out the rest of the outer area, leaving just an opening in the middle for the number stencils.


  1. Select appropriate number stencils and collate with shirts. Place shirt over the shirt board. Pull number away from sheet. Save for reverse print numbering if desired. Note: if you are doing lots of teams with the same numbers and ink color, it is often quickest to sort the teams buy number and pint all the number 1’s, then all the 2’s etc, than to change stencils for every shirt on every team. Of course you then have to resort by team before giving the shirts to your customer.
  2. Align remaining stencil or stencils (for double numbers) on shirt. Overlap stencils ¼ “ minimum between double numbers. We recommend always aligning the bottom of the number stencil with the bottom of the shirt board. This prevents ink from sneaking out the top or bottom of the stencil.
  3. Remember to align insides of the 0, 4, 6, 8, or 9 within stencil when placed on shirt.
  4. Place paper strip on outside edges of double-digit numbers if uncertain about outside alignment to screen opening. Paper strips a must when printing single digit numbers. Always overlap numbers at least ¼" when using paper strips.
  5. Lay screen down onto stencil and shirt, pull squeegee once to adhere stencil to screen. Pull squeegee again to print a good image.
  6. Lift screen to check printed number, remove shirt from shirt board and place on dryer. Note: If you want to "print flash print" or print multiple shirts with the same number, it may be helpful to scotch tape the number stencils to the back of the screen.
  7. Peel the paper stencil that has now adhered to the printing screen and discard.
  8. Don’t forget to remove the centers of 0, 4, 6, 8, or 9. Repeat this easy procedure for all the numbers that are needed.